Esparcidor de Estiércol Autocargable


The CAMPS loadable manure spreader is designed for spreading organic fertilizers such as worm castings, compost, manure, etc. This shovel eliminates any other tool for loading fertilizer. When distributing it, the shovel transforms into a hopper and the locators are deployed to carry out the fertilization.

It can be adapted to both the front and rear of the tractor.

Likewise, the CAMPS self-loading shovel has a mixing system that ensures that all the material comes out homogeneously through the auger it incorporates.

Model PEC-1700

  • Measurements: 1700×1310
  • Load m3: 1.5
  • Weight Kg approx.: 480

Model PEC-2200

  • Measurements: 2200×1310
  • Load m3: 2
  • Weight Kg approx.: 560


  • Manure spreader, so that the organic fertilizer is applied evenly.
  • Tunnelling machine, which consists of a fence with two shovels to bury the material underground.

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