Camps Maquinaria - Volteadora VCC 3500


The CAMPS compost turner model VCC-3500 is ideal for large farms and composting plants, it is operated hydraulically through a control panel installed in the tractor cabin, the different functions are levelling the machine at different heights for its work, gate hydraulic rear, folding of the canopy for the transport and work position and the right-side loader.

The measurements of its 3500×1800 dome and its 900mm diameter shaft allow for large piles of material measuring 3800×1800 mm, guaranteeing great performance. The design of its chassis allows the installation of the irrigation kit with one or two 1000 litre tanks. It is approved to circulate on public roads.


  • Its length of 3.5 meters and the possibility of putting it on the cart make the VCC-3500 a very maneuverable machine.
  • It is operated hydraulically through a control panel installed in the tractor cabin.
  • Maintenance is simple and low cost.
  • All wear plates are made of HARDOX 450 steel, and the pull points are made of STRENX 700.
  • Robust and balanced 900 mm diameter trough, which turns the material to be composted correctly (from the inside to the outside).
  • Rapid aerobic composting, between 8–12 weeks, depending on the material.
  • Large wide tires and therefore low ground pressure.
  • Total width in transport position: 2,400 mm.
  • Total length: 4,150 mm
  • Approved to circulate on public roads.
  • It must be greased every 8 hours of work.
  • Turning capacity up to from 1000 m³/h to 1500 m3 depending on the material.
  • Width of the turning axis: 3,500 mm.
  • Internal dimension of the tunnel height: 1,800 mm.
  • Ideal working speed: 300-400 m/h • Weight: 6500 kg • Pile: width x height 3,800 x 1,800.
  • For tractors with at least 150 HP, total width up to 2,500 m and super slow speeds: driving in first gear between 200-400 m/h.
  • Tractor working pressure: 190 bars 200 litres of flow.

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