Volteadora de Compost VC 4500


The CAMPS compost turner model VC-4500 is ideal for large farms and composting plants due to its dimensions, with a large 1000 mm diameter shaft and its 4500×2000 mm dome allows maximum performance from the plant.

Easy to transport due to the horizontal folding that changes position using a hydraulic installation and its control is carried out through a control box located in the tractor cabin.
Its chassis allows you to install the irrigation kit with a 1000 litre tank.

  • Maintenance is simple and low cost.
  • All wear plates are made of HARDOX 450 steel, and the pull points are made of STRENX 700.
  • Robust and balanced 1000mm diameter trough, which turns the material to be composted correctly (from the inside to the outside).
  • Rapid aerobic composting, between 8–12 weeks, depending on the material.
  • Large wide tires and therefore low ground pressure.
  • Transport position measurements are 7500 mm long by 2400 mm wide.
  • It must be greased every 8 hours of work.
  • Turning capacity up to 1800 m³/h depending on the material.
  • Measurements of the manure pile 4.8 m x 2 m.
  • Width of the turning axis: 4,500 mm.
  • Internal dimension of the tunnel height: 2 m.
  • For tractors from 180 HP.
  • Tractor working pressure: 190 bars 200 litres of flow, super low gear required.
  • The right wheel of the dome has traction.

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